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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Simple, cost effective online presence made easy

The question of whether to have an online website presence or not can often be driven by cost. With simple websites costing several £’000 it can often be the deciding factor. The alternative choice may be to use a self hosting service and do the job yourself. But is this really a valuable use of your time and will the result present your business in the best light?

There’s a lot of talk of the importance of SEO and google search listings, both of which are things to consider, but often the question to ask is where do you expect your website traffic to originate from.

Do you know what you need?

What might appear a rather simple question can often be the stumbling block for many. What do I want my website to achieve? What functionality do I want my website to have? How often do I want to update my website content? What image do I want to present for my business? Who is visiting my website and what are they looking for?

Making sure you have the answers to these and many more questions can make the difference between an online presence that adds value to your business or an expensive investment that delivers very little.

Step by step support.

Our approach at SBB Creative is to take the time at the beginning of the process to make sure we have a clear and agreed vision of what you are looking for. This involves working with you to make sure we are all on the same page and you are kept updated throughout the design and development process to get the end result right first time.

Unlike many website agencies we appreciate that the day your website is launched is not the end of the process and small changes and updates may be needed over the first few months to get the best out of your new online presence, We provide ongoing support as part of the website design service at no extra charge, as we understand how important these updates can be and how costly that can become if not included in the initial development cost.

Grow your website alongside your business.

What you need from your website at the beginning may evolve over time as your business grows. The platform we build your sites on allows for the introduction of new features without expensive website rebuilds. Including extras like online stores, members areas, plans and subscriptions, can all be added at a later date quickly and easily.

Our basic fixed price package can be the perfect starting point. Upgrading at a later date to our advanced fixed price package enables you to add these additional functions along with integrated forms and multiple email addresses.

Bespoke requirements

If what you need is something a little more specific we offer bespoke design services tailored to exactly what you need. We will sit down with your and work through your requirements to put together a fully bespoke proposal to make sure you achieve exactly the result you pr business requires.

Taking the headache away.

To get the very best out of your new website we provide ongoing website management services to take care of everything, so that you can focus on other areas of your business. As part of this service we meet with you every month to make sure your online presence is still providing what you need and together we can plan for future changes, updates and improvements. Regular site updates and amends are included in the service enabling you to keep your website costs under control and plan for more significant development Investments at the right time.

We offer a FREE 20min online introduction meeting to help you understand if our services are right for you and to answer any questions you may have, If you decide to use our services, the first step we take is to have a full consultation with you to make sure you are clear on exactly what you need.

Email us at to book your introduction meeting and let us help you grow your your business.

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