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My website isn’t bringing me more business – Why?

Getting a new website is a really exciting time, you’ve worked for days and weeks and months to get it completed – your shiny new sparkly website that will really show the world what your company has to offer. The launch day has arrived, you launch! Hurray! … Time passes…… there are no sales.


Believe it or not, just having a website doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to get sales. The launch-and-leave-it approach simply doesn’t work.

Fun Facts about website traffic

According to Laire Digital,

· 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search

· 15% from paid search

· 5% for social

· 27% from all other sources (such as links on emails)

A website that isn’t encouraging visitors is pointless. It’s running, but no one can see anything.

Content is King! A good content strategy is a must because your content drives your organic search.

Content must be updated regularly in order for the search engines to find you. Plan your blogs and make sure they offer content that your target audience will find useful and interesting. By doing this, Google will soon learn your key search terms and your traffic will increase as you rise up the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings!

Make sure you link your website to all your social media posts, it helps followers find you.

PPC – Pay per click advertising – this works and on Google, says Sponsored above the link and name (check out the picture below), but we do recommend getting the professionals to help you with this!

As a general rule of thumb, the more popular a search term, the more it will cost, BUT, it gets you at the top of the search page.

Rich snippets & local listings

Google snippet has been around for years now, but many fail to recognise the correlation between snippet and click through rate. Many people get the answers they need from Google snippet without actually clicking through to a site.

Simple answers are also being pulled into GMB. The phrase ‘Google is your new homepage’ is something spoken about a lot. This is because Google gives a line or 2 of copy relevant to the search term used (see the above example of the snippet).

Recognising more users are interacting with the Google SERP is critical to managing expectations of click through.

Target Audience

Do you know who they are? If you don’t they wont either! Create your customer personas – where do they live? Income? Male or female? Age? After a luxury product or a bargain? How and when will they be using your product / service?

Personalised content should directly appeal to your target audience(s). Effectively tailoring your communications and user journey’s offers value and maximum customer retention. Talk to your customers and find out what they want!

User Experience (UX)

There isn’t a lot of time to WOW someone when they come to your website, they are more than likely there for a reason. If they can’t find it or have been led there under false pretences, then they’ll BOUNCE (leave).

Think of your website as a map to purchase or subscribe. The journey takes them on the road with signs on where to go, what to look at on the way and capture their attention at every turn.

A great user experience is more often than not about simplifying the buyer process. It isn’t a secret that people don’t have time to spare, if they’ve made a decision to purchase from an ad or other post then we need to make sure that what they’ve made their decision on is ready for them immediately before they get fed up and abandon ship.

A good user experience also makes the customer feel valued and important, it can be down to the language you use. Personalised offers, thank you or other personal touches that makes every user feel a little fuzzy happy ball inside and assured that you are worthy of their hard-earned cash!

Call to Action

What do you want people to do when they get on your website? Show them! Add buttons “Buy Now”, “Check Out”, “Subscribe”, “Book your appointment” – the more people can easily navigate your website, the more likely they are to commit to purchase and to return.

We can analyse your website for you and let you know where people are leaving and suggest ways to make them stay and buy!

Page Load Times

Essentially these need to be fast – like you, your clients are busy and will not simply sit around waiting for a page to load, they will just leave and go somewhere else.

Check out your page load time for free with Google by clicking here

A clock face

We have many years experience of building and improving websites, focusing on the user experience – and therefore increasing your sales!

Visit to get in touch!

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